Choose an educational discount to offer students. Example: 25%
The larger your discount, the more marketing, students and sales you receive

With each $1 in discounts you provide, we add $2 to your advertising credits, keeping your monthly ad spend at $0
Limited to pre-approved qualified businesses.
To have your business reviewed for possible inclusion, apply here.

To get started, choose your educational discount (Example: 25%) and send it to your Merchant Care Representative.
Frequently Asked Questions
What services are you offering?
We promote your business to the UCSD student body, bringing you a steady stream of new customers at no cost to you. In return for free advertising, we ask that you provide an educational discount (of your choosing) to our students.
How much of an educational discount do I need to provide?
It's completely up to you. The larger the discount, the more customers you'll receive. Typically our merchants offer discounts in the 25% to 35% range.

You can change your discount amount at any time from your UCSD Cares account.
Do I have to pay out of pocket for this service?
There is no cost to you for this service.

The only "cost" to you is the educational discount you extend to students when they make a purchase from you. For every $1 in discounts you provide to students, you'll receive $2 in advertising credits added to your account That means that the larger the discount you're able to give, the more marketing, students and sales you'll receive.
How is this different from advertising on Google or social media?
Purchasing advertising through Google or social media generally takes a great deal of time and effort to monitor and will almost always cost you much more than the revenue you'll generate from that advertising.

With our service, we do all of the promotion for you (with no effort or time commitment for you) and there is no cost to you, except for the discount you provide. For every $1 in discounts you provide you'll earn $2 in advertising credits which will be used to further promote your business; effectively keeping your monthly advertising spend at $0.
How do I get started?
Simply choose your educational discount, and then we'll send you a care package to get started. We can have you up and running, and receiving customers, in just 3 to 4 days.

Follow the steps in the package and you'll have your account set up in 5 mins and start receiving customers soon afterwards.
How do I get credit for giving the discounts?
The entire process takes just a few seconds with each transaction:

  1. At the time of checkout, your cashier has our app open on their phone, or your store's phone or tablet. They enter the amount of the transaction and discount.

  2. The student touches their phone to yours so their phone instantly receives the details of the transaction

  3. With a single click, the student confirms the transaction, and you get $2 in advertising credits added to your account for every $1 in discounts the student received on the transaction
Who is eligible to receive an educational discount?
Any UCSD student, faculty or staff member.
What if I already offer other discounts?
No problem! There is no contract for you to sign, no exclusivity, and no commitment when you partner with us.
Why should I use your service when I already have other marketing campaigns that are working?
There are many benefits to working with us, including:

  • No advertising spend or risk - In contrast to advertising on social media or Google, your only cost is when one of our students successfully makes a purchase from you at a discounted rate that you set
  • No time commitment - We do all the work and run all of your promotions for you. Each time one of our students purchases from you, we allocate more advertising to promote your business.
Are you affiliated with or work for UCSD?
We are not affiliated with the university. We work with the students.
    How do you promote my business? Where do the ad dollars go to?
    We run a network of web sites and pages that UCSD students use for communications, so we have a ton of ad space that we will use to promote you.
      How long will you promote my business for?
      Once you activate your account, we will immediately begin promoting your business to our students. From there, you'll receive additional free advertising credits and promotions each time one of our students purchases from your business.
        What happens when my initial advertising credits are used up?
        For every $1 in discounts you provide to our students, your advertising budget is increased by $2. If for whatever reason your advertising credits drop to $0, please contact your Merchant Care Representative and they will work with you to increase your ad credits.
          How do I know how much gets spent and added?
          Your ad credit balance is displayed in your UCSD Cares account.
            Are you selling my data?
            Your data is and always will be protected and not sold to any outside party.
              Can I change my discount level?
              Yes, you can change your discount level at any time.
                How long am I committing to this program? What if I want to do stop participating?
                There is no commitment on your part. Simply let us know you'd like to stop and you can exit the program.
                  Is there a minimum discount?
                  There is no minimum discount, however, the more discounts you provide, the more customers you get.

                  When you go with a larger discount, 2 things happen:

                  • Your business gets promoted more

                  • And 2, those promotions are more effective because students of course are attracted to the larger discount
                  That's why most merchants, even though we leave it up to them, end up with a 25 to 35% discount.
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