Help launch a groundbreaking social platform
The Opportunity
of a Lifetime

Truly meaningful income
Designed to attract and stimulate the very best of candidates. All positions include minimum annual earning guarantees. Learn more
Secure your future
Additional compensation paid with the platform's stable (non-volatile) coin. Learn more about the platform's currency
Fun and easy
The work is almost too easy: You're giving away FREE stuff to local stores, restaurants and students

You get paid for each store and restaurant you sign up (its free to them!) + a cut of every purchase students make at local stores + a cut of all services
Complete freedom
Work when you want (part-time or full-time) and from where you want (home, office, coffee shop, traveling)
World-class proprietary technology
Many official patents from the United States Patent Office. Learn more about the products and technologies
Ground-swell of support
$250M spent to build platform, every penny from the platform's community (hundreds of thousands of alpha test users)
Proven marketing approach
Previously designed and utilized to successfully sign up millions of consumers and merchants, attracting nearly $100M from NBC, Sony and General Motors
Success made simple
Everything you need to succeed provided including simple step-by-step video instructions
Full support
Twice-weekly live video calls with company's co-founder and with its president + live chat support to ensure you're always fully supported
Unparalleled leadership opportunities
Leaders automatically earn a cut of all earnings from the organizations they lead, including merchant sign-ups, services and student transactions
Purpose driven
Wake up every morning knowing you're earning AND changing the world. Learn more about the platform's vital mission
Ready to learn more?
Imagine a Facebook combined with an eBay, Uber and Bitcoin
About the Movement
The Movement's mission is to empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence.

It aims to achieve its mission using its transformative economy that was built in a collaborative effort between 1,000 technologists and many of the world's leading economists and political scientists.

The Movement's overarching goal is to help half the planet earn an average of $25/day by the year 2025
(Currently half the world lives on $2/day or less)
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